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" At dev2host we have worked closely with Global Impact Sourcing and relative companies for many years (20+ years). Dean Toro the owner of this and other companies employs a team of very advanced programmers that we work with at high level server administration, to ensure 99.9% uptime. We have been the middle company between Dean’s team and Dean’s customers to ensure server capacities both in development and live mode meet their expectations. The team at Global Impact Sourcing develop software and online programs securely and efficiently. They have a huge list of happy customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further references "

Jeremy Doe



" Working with Global Impact Sourcing LLC. has been a great experience. They work very hard and show tremendous creativity in making our campaign a success. We are impressed with their communications and tireless work ethic, and we are looking forward to a long successful relationship with Global Impact. "

Troy Greenway


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" We have been with Global for over 2 years and they are the best solution we have ever used. The onboarding was very thorough, and the communications have been the best! We rarely ever need to get on a call with our team, they just come in and do their work flawlessly. Global is the best!

Heather Hawker


Park Tree

" We have been using Global for almost 2 years for several tasks pertaining to our asset management needs. Global’s staff are very quick learners and the way Global built our custom training was impressive and it made the whole onboarding very easy. Great Job Global!

National Asset Managers

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" I have been using Global for almost 4 years with great success. Global goes the extra mile for me every time. They have made me much more efficient and effective and we are looking forward to expanding our services soon with the help of Global.

Greg Johnson

National Business Development manager

" I have known Dean for over 25 years and have been using Global from the time they opened. They are one of the best resources we have for our back room services and recruiting support.

Jeff Hemm

Regional Director

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" We have had an opportunity to work with Global Impact for over 3 years and it is because of their hard work and client support we were able to grow our business to achieve our goals to be acquired. We are very excited to be back with Global Impact as we enter our new venture. Global has proved to be a great partner and resource. "

Bryan Mower


Western Reporting, Utah

" I was highly impressed by Deans Presentation. I have been engaging with several potential outsource vendors recently and I found that Global Impact Sourcing LLC. differentiates itself through astute and established industry knowledge, significant training/employee satisfaction programs and a proprietary recruiting strategy. "

Ted Farry


Single Family Rental Investment Conatus Real Estate

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" The moment Global Impact Sourcing LLC., represented by Dean, became a member of the CDO ICT Council, they immediately became an asset to the organization because they immediately embodied the ideals of the ICT Council of finding ways to create more jobs through ICT and to promote the ICT industry and the ICT talents of Cagayan de Oro City. We are looking forward to working more with Global Impact Sourcing LLC. in the future!"

Stephanie Caragos

Chief Executive Officer

Syntactics Inc.

" Mayor Oscar Moreno thanked a local company which helped to entice the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) to set up what is called medical coding industry here in Cagayan de Oro.

In particular the Mayor lauded/praised the efforts of Dean E. Toro, the Chairman of Global Impact Sourcing LLC., who invited/convinced Daniel Schwebach, Vice President of AAPC, to Cagayan de Oro and set-up a localchapter here. Show more

The entry of AAPC gives job opportunities to our college graduates, especially nursing grads and nurses, with salaries of not lower than P100 thousand a month, aside from a signing bonus, as compensation package for the AAPC-certified medical coders working in a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm.

In line with this, the AAPC coordinated with the big universities, colleges and training institutes in the city and the region in order to integrate medical coding in their currculum for nursing and other medical related courses. "

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Oscar Moreno

City Mayor

Cagayan de Oro City

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" We would like to thank Global Impact Sourcing LLC. for recognizing Capitol University as the most prepared university in the Philippines and to be the first (in the Philippines) to get approved by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) to implement the AAPC “Coding Certification” courses as part of the Capitol University College of Nursing Program. We are supportive of the Global Impact Sourcing LLC.’ business model which will not only improve the marketability of our graduates but has also considered the social impact when young workers flock to other places to find job. Show more

We continue to see culture and family suffer significantly because of the elements and influences brought about by the separation of family members due to inability to find sufficient employment nearby, This is something that has brought much stress on the families and we are very concerned about the long term social effects if this continues. We stand behind Global Impact Sourcing LLC.’s efforts to attract the multinational companies to bring some of their jobs to our community and could not be more pleased to finally see a company working so hard to develop attractive solutions.

In the end, we know the Filipinos will benefit greatly if the physical and mental stress due to separation will be removed and we are certain the employers will see much better production. We are very grateful to have Global Impact Sourcing LLC. on our Advisory Committee and we look forward to one day seeing our graduates all working in Global Impact Sourcing LLC. “Power Centers” throughout the city and seeing the family unit and culture start to mend. Thank you Global Impact Sourcing LLC. for all you are doing for Cagayan de Oro City. "

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Amor Q. de Torres

Doctor of Philosophy

Capitol University

" I had the opportunity to meet Global Impact Sourcing LLC. as we both participated in the CDO ICT Business Council, in partnership with Philippine Call Center Institute-CDO and IBPAP’s My Dream in a Shoebox and feeding program at Fr. William Masterson SJ Elementary School, Masterson Avenue, in Cagayan de Oro City. Show more

At that time I was given an opportunity to spend some time with Dean and his team at his offices and learn more about their business and their mission. IBPAP is a strong promoter of companies like Global Impact Sourcing LLC. who are doing things outside the box that positively impact the lives of the BPO employee and bring opportunities to the countryside.. Global Impact Sourcing LLC.’s Power Center truly offer a great solution and I look forward to seeing their “Power Centers” being utilized throughout the countryside. They truly have the full support of The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines. "

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Raymond Lacado

Investor Relations Consultant


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" I had the pleasure of working with Global Impact Sourcing LLC. last year while we were at capacity and were unable to provide any additional seats to our clients. I reached out to Dean and I immediately realized not only was he someone I wanted to be friends with, but that he truly was an amazing resource for the BPO industry. We recently sold our “Seat Leasing” business and if we ever re-enter this space again, we would only want to emulate Global Impact Sourcing LLC.’s model. Show more

They truly are a “Top Shelf” operation and have now set the bar quite high for all small “Seat Leasing” operators. Their model truly provides a competitive advantage to those looking to expand or improve their bottom line. We expect we will see their “Powers Center” all over the Philippines in the future."

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Todd Grannis

Chief Executive Officer

Cleversoft, Inc.

" We have been working with Global Impact Sourcing for 12 months now and you guys have been awesome. I appreciate the hard work and consideration you have shown - especially in the beginning. We are hopeful that things will pick up by Spring and we will be able to expand our relationship."

Derrick Evans


GI Home Loans

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Abe Levine

" These guys are very good. They provide excellent inbound and outbound support and can deal with complex technology. Dean, the chairman, is great to work with, as is his team. I worked with them supporting over 10,000 users and the results were excellent.

Abe Levine

Chief Executive Officer

Brainware Partners