Social Responsibility


Global Impact Sourcing LLC. believes, although their specific business model of bringing jobs to the underserviced countryside is making a good social impact, the company and its employees can do more.


Global Impact Sourcing LLC. (Global) has signed partnership agreements with several universities throughout the region, whereas Global accepts OJTs under the company’s mentoring and linkage program. Each division has opened several seats for the universities to send their OJT candidates under their required time lines and in turn Global gives the OJTs the practical experience of working in an outsourcing enterprise as well as positioning the OJTs to accept full time work upon graduating either with Global or within the ICT Council network of which Global is a member.

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. is committed to staying involved and supporting the academe community. Global has joined the advisory board of several universities throughout the region to lend assistance in aligning curriculum with industry.

Global enjoys the special relationships shared with the partner universities and dedicates time to attend and participate in several events throughout each year such as job fairs, conferences, linkage forums, competitions and conferences. We look forward to our continued support of the academe for many years to come.

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. “Impact Academy” Is a free extended educational and training program offered to local recent secondary school graduates. The Academy focuses not only on creating the best candidates for Impact Enterprises, but also giving them the skills for success in life and outside of the Impact Enterprises.


Global Impact Sourcing LLC. is a “clean” business, there are always ways to improve in the areas of consumption or the impact to the environment. The Global executive team is committed to attending annual environmental impact events and learning all about ways to improve their footprint.

The executive team meets every quarter and discuss ways we can improve our environmental efficiencies. These ways consist of monitoring where and from whom we source everything we use within the company for example:

We expect the environmental impact advancements will continue and we will continue to stay involved in these advancements and apply what we learn whenever possible.

Social Welfare:

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. is very committed to the social welfare of the people from the countryside. Dean Toro currently sits on the City’s Social Welfare Department advisory committee. The committee helps in the four most concerning areas:

Global realizes its financial limitations in impacting these areas of concern, however, Dean has been able to lend his time and impact each of these areas over the past several years in ways of fundraising, program design, awareness programs and implementation of other aid programs.

Emergency Benefit Fund

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. and its employees understand there are times when emergencies or catastrophic events happen, and people find themselves in life threatening situations without the possibility of receiving financial aid to lend some form of relief.

The employees recognize they themselves or their families are not immune from such events, therefore everyone has agreed to establish the “GIS Helping Hands” fund.

How it works;

Each employee makes a P50 contribution to the fund each payday and the company matches each donation.

In the event one of the company’s team members experiences a catastrophic event and they are unable to find relief from their own channels and or resources, the employee can submit a request to the board and the board will decide if or what can be provided from the fund to help lend some relief. This may also apply to their immediate family under extreme life-threatening circumstances.

If by the end of each year, there is a balance remaining in the account, the board will determine how to distribute the funds within the community. There will be a suggestion letter sent out to all the staff and each will submit their suggestions. The board will review and choose the top suggestions and the committee will vote on how much for what need will be allocated.

In April 2017, the first committee was established and volunteers where named, the whole staff places their votes for the four employees to sit on the committee each year. A new committee will be established on the 2nd day of January of each year. The committee will consist of 4 employees plus the chairman of Global and a majority rules. The committee will have a president, a secretary and a treasurer and two other members. The committee seats will be voluntary and if there are less than 4 volunteers Global’s GM will assign seats. If there are more than 4 volunteers, a vote will be held through a ballot box and read off by the chairman.

The committee can vote to rotate positions annually if they wish to continue to volunteer their position and no others wish to volunteer.

A separate savings account will be established with AUB for this fund and all funds will be signed off by the Chairman of Global.

This plan was implemented June 2017. A monthly meeting is held to discuss the status or concerns of the program and the secretary will keep the minutes of each in a binder and will distribute copies to the entire staff via email.

Global recognizes this program will continue to expand and we are expecting there will be many opportunities to make this plan as impactful and beneficial as possible to the overall social welfare of the Philippine countryside.