Global Impact Sourcing has been successfully delivering professional outsourcing solutions for over 6 years and the new GLOBAL IMPACT ADVANTAGE is a solution long overdue.

The common problem in using both “full-service” outsourcing companies and or FREELANCERS is finding and sustaining the very best talent. The very best talent is always looking at other opportunities or becoming Freelancers and Freelancers are not great at finding and engaging with new clients.

The GLOBAL IMPACT ADVANTAGE attracts the best of the best Freelancers who are very experienced in many different fields and Global Impact Sourcing works with the clients in understanding their needs, creating road maps to successfully outsource their tasks and facilitate the onboarding and oversite of the Freelancer engagements.

The Global Impact Advantage creates a much more efficient, productive and economical approach to outsourcing. Let Global Impact Sourcing handle your next outsourcing need and see why more people are turning to Global Impact Sourcing for handling their outsourcing needs.