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Impact Sourcing is a global initiative to bring internet-based jobs to disadvantaged communities. Global Impact Sourcing LLC. connects businesses and providers with the resources they need to make their business more efficient, competitive and profitable while being a good corporate citizen.

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. recognizes, one of the most sustainable means to inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction is to ensure that disadvantaged populations have access to formal employment and decent work, allowing them to improve conditions, acquire a career, and thus lift themselves, their families, and communities out of poverty.


Global Impact Sourcing LLC. over the past four years, has shown many businesses all the benefits of Impact Sourcing and are now enjoying the access to a new source of talent, low attrition rates, economic rewards and social benefits that come with Impact sourcing.

Most our employees took their first step with Global Impact Sourcing LLC. onto a career ladder that leads to economic self-sufficiency through income growth, skills development, and professional advancement.